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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

kssronline.com - Rancangan KSSR, KSSR Lesson Plan, KSSR Worksheet, UPSR Exam Tips, LINUS: RPT / Lesson Plan

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direct link ...please click here>>>>sample lesson plan kssr sk year 2

The approach taken in this curriculum stresses the need for pupils to develop all the four language skills:

The listening and speaking skill is crucial for social communication at home, at school, as well as in the community. However, this skill is often neglected or given minimal emphasis during English lessons. In order to develop this skill, teachers have to provide their pupils with various opportunities to listen and to talk about a range of subjects which may include topics on personal interests, school work and even current affairs. It is hoped that the learning standards will offer teachers some ideas on how they could provide opportunities for pupils to engage in various listening and speaking activities at Year Two.

By the end of Year Two, pupils should be able to apply knowledge of sounds of letters to recognize words in order to begin reading and then move on to more complex skills using a range of strategies to construct meaning from the text read. The ultimate goal of the reading component in primary school is to produce pupils who will be able to read independently for information and enjoyment. Pupils of Year 2 will have to acquire the sounds to be learnt as stipulated in the learning standard 2.2.1 before they reinforce the new sounds learnt to form words learnt by blending these sounds. Pupils learn how to spell by segmenting words and then move on to read phrases and sentences.

Pupils learnt penmanship and started basic writing in Year 1. Therefore, by Year 2, it is hoped that they would have developed good motor skills and other pre writing skills such as penmanship. Year 2 pupils are now expected to write neatly and legibly words, phrases, simple sentences as well as punctuate correctly. With guidance from the teacher, pupils would be able to write and present their ideas through a variety of media.

Language Arts is a new component designed to create appreciation and enjoyment amongst pupils as they learn language. This experience should be fun filled and used as a means to create confidence in pupils to use the language without inhibitions. As such, learning standards have been designed for pupils to achieve the above mentioned goals. Following are the learning standards for language arts for Year Two.

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