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Saturday, 27 October 2012

LGA3101: My mind maps collection Topic 1

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LGA3101 my mind maps collection ....


1.2.1 Defining children’s literature
- consists of written materials which are enjoyed by children
-a way for adult to communicate with children
- an imagination experience process for children

1.2.2 Exploring different genres in children’s literature
- Picture Books (‘visual experiences’ which tell stories with pictures )
- picture story book (contain pictures or illustrations that complement the story)
- traditional literature (stories that are passed down from generation to generation)
- historical fiction (refers to stories portraying a time period in the past)
- modern fantasy (an imaginative tale)
- realistic fiction (stories that are similar to historic fiction, except, these are based on current issues)
- non-fiction or informational books (about real things and provide information)
- biography (true life story)
- poetry (pieces of writing that involve rhythm, rhyme, literary devices and creativity)

1.2.3       Experiencing literature as a transactional process
-  a process where meaning are constructed between the reader and the text.
-  reader plays a central role in experiencing literature as a transactional process.
- a way to make children connect with the surrounding and environment. 

1.2.4       Personal and academic value of literature to children
- to educate children about values
- Personal Value : develop emotional intelligence (self awareness, managing emotion, handling anxiety, motivating themselves, being sensitive)
- Academic Value : learning the target language by reading extensively.

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